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we can create hand cast orthotics and remove corns and calluses our treatments inlcude prosthetic nails and fungal nails treating a foot infection

We provide a wide range of chiropody services to our patients in Widnes and Woolton. From ingrown toenails and callus removal to verrucae treatment, laser therapy and nail surgery, we cover all aspects of foot care and foot treatments. If you have a problem we are on hand to help.

•  Laser therapy

•  Hand casted orthotics

•  Plantar fasciitis / Heel pain

•  Painless verrucae treatments

•  Verrucae and fungal advice

•  Nail surgery

•  Ingrown toenails

•  Corn and callus removal

•  Diabetic foot care

•  Foot health advice

"I am so glad I found Ultimate Podiatry Clinic, Angela the podiatrist has made my summer. After most of my toenail came off I thought I wouldn't be able to wear sandals but she made me a new nail and now I have painted my nails and am ready for summer.

I can also see her at the Woolton Clinic, Liverpool. Thank you Angela"

Eileen Arbuthnot-Hutley

At Ultimate Podiatry Clinics we pride ourselves on our expertise with nails. From fungal nail treatment to missing toenails you can have confidence that you will get the best possible treatment. We even build prosthetic nails tailored to your requests using the wilde pedique construction technique.

We deal with:

Nail Experts

At the Ultimate Podiatry Clinic we have a dedicated team of experts ready to help you. All our podiatrists are HCPC registered and are continually developed though our conferences and training schemes. Contact us today to get the best possible treatment.

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Widnes: 0151 424 2840

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